Pixel Art

Mafia Game (Fall 2020)

Contract work/commission. I was hired to make 24+ pixel art characters and background UI for a Mexican mafia-styled game.

Three Champions (Fall 2015)

My first college game project, and one I’m still proud of to this day. Three Champions is an arcade platformer where you play as three different characters, each of which must battle a boss. As the Action Hero, fight off a massive alien millipede invading the city. As the Maid, defeat a giant eyeball who’s taken up residence in a haunted mansion. As the Pirate Captain, fend off a horde of multiplying slime blobs intent on sinking your ship.

I headed the team, did most of the character art, background art, animations, and programming in Construct 2.

Forrum (Spring 2019)

A quick solo project I made for my Digital Creative Writing course. Instead of writing a story, I went all out and made a short game for it. The online world of Forrum pokes fun at internet message board culture. Ximon the Admin has neglected his duties, setting up a dangerous AI to run the city in his place while he focuses on bee-keeping. That means it’s up to Mei the Maid Moderator (returning from Three Champions) to clean up the mess he’s left and set the city straight.

Trapped (Spring 2018)

Final project for an honors class on clean coal. On the last day of the Blakelung Coal Company (before it closes down), six unfortunate miners are trapped in a cave-in. It’s up to the player to find alternative energy sources to free his fellow miners from the shaft – and the dead-end that is the coal industry.

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