Blast-Beat (Unity)

Co-leader for Blast-Beat. I made the menus, composed the music, programmed the UI and rhythm elements, win conditions, projectiles, some player mobility, designed the obstacle course, particle effects, and implemented everyone’s assets including models, materials, and sound effects.

Blast Beat is a hybrid FPS and rhythm game where players face-off in races or king of the hill matches. Each weapon acts as an instrument in the background song and must be fire in timed with it; the shotgun is fired in time with the kick, the assault rifle in time with the melody, and so on. Your weapons only push your opponent back or launch yourself forward. Whoever stands on the capture point long enough wins! My contribution was the electronic rock soundtrack, audio programming, UI, particle effects, and projectiles.

Volcano Level
Spire Level
Title Theme

Other Contributors:
Richard Bolton: Player controls and movement programming
Rob Jackson: Team Captain, environment modeling, programming
Orlando Rivera: Sound Effects
Edward Shanahan: Sound Effects, environment modeling, weapon textures
Spencer Steeves: Weapon and player modeling, animation, character textures

Past Members:
Rafidh Chowdhury: Original concept and early programing
Andrew Suggs: Environment modeling and texturing


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