In addition to art I also compose music. I’ve made soundtracks and done audio work for various game projects throughout my time at college, and recently composed a 40-song soundtrack for a story I wrote for fun. Below you can find the best selections from my work, spanning a variety of genres and projects.

~ Overworld ~
Town Plaza
Airboat Adventure
Harbor (Mario and Luigi Drum Sample)
Pirate Voyage (Mario Party 2 Drum Sample)
~ Chill / Mysterious ~
Autumn Winds
Magic Forest
Dinner at the Cabin
Crystal Cave
Cold Winter’s Night
~ Horror ~
Slimy Sewer
Eyes Surrounding
The Beast in the Forest
The Cult in the Cave
Laboratory Lockdown
~ Rock / Electronic ~
Algorhythm (Blast-Beat)
Don’t Understand Us (Instrumental)
Aspire (Blast-Beat)
Synthwave Sirens (Blast-Beat)

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